Template Designer for eBay Listing Templates (3.1)

Welcome to out our Template Designer for eBay templates. If you need assistance, please scroll down and have a look into the users manual.

Template Designer Instructions

Our Template Designer is currently optimized for the Mozilla Firefox browser. It is a very widespread browser and can be downloaded for free from mozilla.org. Please use this browser to customize your template until we can fully ensure compatibility with other browsers. Although customization is possible with other browsers, additional steps may be needed to achieve the same result as in Mozilla Firefox.

UNDOING CHANGES: If you want to undo a change, you can use the shortcut “Ctrl + Z” (PC) or “Cmd + Z” (Mac). In addition, there are two buttons the toolbar next to the formatting tool, that you can use for undoing and redoing changes as well.

Video Tutorials

We provide tutorial videos for our most popular templates on Youtube.

Complete Manual

You can find detailed instructions for our template designer in the manual in our knowledge database.